Feature #285

Support usage of both 0x and 'h notations for hexa decimal values

Added by Norbert MIGNOT almost 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Since 1685-2009 IPXACT is using 0x, 0b conventions, it would be better to allow user to edit their address, offset, reset values with 0x and 'h depending on the standard version they want to align to.

Currently use of 0x will show up in red during edition and will not be sorted correctly when sorting the corresponding column (ex memory address in memory map). Sorting is done on alphabetic order.


#1 Updated by Kai Liu about 2 years ago

I faced the same problem. I have a plenty of ipxact files created by another ipxact-tool, but they cannot be handled by kactus2 correctly. In the 1685-2014 spec, we can see a lot of places where the "0x" is applied. It is a valid value prefix.

#2 Updated by Esko Pekkarinen about 2 years ago

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Since 3.0.0 Kactus2 has been based on IP-XACT 2014 that uses 'h notation. In the errata document for the standard Accelera itself states: "- Annex I uses 0x<digits> for all hex numbers which is ILLEGAL ". 0x notation could possibly be supported by Kactus2 in user input field and then translated into 'h notation.

#3 Updated by Kai Liu about 2 years ago

you are right. The new standard has moved from 0x to 'h for hex value by using SystemVerilog expression. The example in the specification was wrong. Thanks for the explanation.

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