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qmake.conf:LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR="/opt/myeda/kactus2/3.5.0" but no Help & start complains about upgrade.cfg

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Building 3.5.0 release on centos-6, to be shared by multiple users, but part of a collection of tools below an isolated ROOTDIR (so not using /usr/bin, etc.). Using the 3.5.0 tar.gz source release download. In qmake.conf, the LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR setting appears to serve the function of other open-source tools that would use: ".configure --prefix=ROOTDIR", so I used that to set my target ROOTDIR.

This appeared to work fairly well. Achieved successful compile, and it runs. Issues so far:

1. minor: Last step of install failed: the "cp kactus2.desktop /dev/null". Thankfully. My install is targeting a ROOTDIR that I don't need to be root for (it will be a protected dir by the time it is deployed for end-users), and if I had been root, this command would have destroyed my OS's /dev/null special-file. I don't need or care about the *.desktop file at present and when I need to, I can separately automate install for each end-user. But the cp to /dev/null is dangerous.

2. minor: On startup of the GUI there's a dialogue:
"Settings upgrade configuration file was not found. Please reinstall Kactus2."

but the upgrade.cfg was installed in the ROOTDIR (i.e. below $LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR).
I can just answer the dialogue to continue for now. Will eventually need a functioning upgrade.cfg within the ROOTDIR. If it has to be below end-user's home, let me know where, and I can separately automate install for each end-user; but I'd prefer the tool to locate it within its own ROOTDIR.

3. medium: Help does not work. It opens a two column window, but both columns are blank. STDERR reports:
QTextBrowser: No document for qthelp://com.tut.kactus2.2.0/doc/welcome.html
QTextBrowser: No document for qthelp://com.tut.kactus2.2.0/doc/index.html

(the first from startup, the second from clicking to open Help).
But the ROOTDIR (i.e. below $LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR) has Help/ with: Kactus2Help.qch, Kactus2Help.qhc

Since I'm testing the install as myself, I think I ended up with ~/.config/TUT/kactus2.ini with a combination of entries: One set of entries created a install time, and 2nd set added or modified at run-time? It has some help-path entries that seem to be from install time, not run-time. So suspect I can find where in the source this file comes from, and hack it to point them back to the ROOTDIR (and redo make and install). (Though that becomes really ugly to upgrade the end-user's help-paths for new releases).

If there were env-vars I could set that point the tool at run-time to where to locate upgrade.cfg and the help files, I could use them, but prefer both of these to default to be located below the tool's own ROOTDIR.

The qmake.conf is already setup to configure where to place the upgrade.cfg and help files within the ROOTDIR. So I don't feel that hacking on that file further by me would/could result in making the tool look there at runtime. Elsewhere in the code, the tool needs to be told to use/respect those config settings?


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