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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version Parent task Estimated time
360Kactus2FeatureNewNormalAdd support for isInformative attribute in PortMapsEsko Pekkarinen07.03.2018 07:59 AMKactus2 - 3.6
359Kactus2FeatureNewNormalImport VHDL file with multiple entities09.02.2018 08:32 AMKactus2 - Tmp
356Kactus2BugNewNormalqmake.conf:LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR="/opt/myeda/kactus2/3.5.0" but no Help & start complains about upgrade.cfgEsko Pekkarinen23.01.2018 01:00 PMKactus2 - 3.6
355Kactus2FeatureNewNormalCommand line interface15.01.2018 12:29 PMKactus2 - 3.6
347Kactus2FeatureNewNormalReorganize abstraction definition editorJanne Virtanen27.11.2017 08:05 AMKactus2 - Tmp22.00
346Kactus2FeatureNewNormalExpand port importing from abstraction definitionsJanne Virtanen03.04.2017 10:11 AM10.00
345Kactus2FeatureNewNormalRTL Register map generation30.03.2017 12:09 PMKactus2 - Tmp
343Kactus2BugNewNormalMultiple port mapping not correct27.03.2017 12:12 PM
342Kactus2BugIn ProgressNormalMissing default value for unused bitsJanne Virtanen23.03.2017 03:13 PM30.00
331Kactus2BugNewNormalVerilog inout slicing not supported27.02.2017 07:39 AMKactus2 - Longterm
326Kactus2FeatureNewNormalPrint memory map visualization01.12.2016 09:22 AMKactus2 - Longterm20.00
325Kactus2BugNewNormalParameterIDs are recycled with a document27.11.2017 08:05 AMKactus2 - Tmp
324Kactus2BugNewNormalComponent instances have dublicate UUID21.11.2016 02:45 PMKactus2 - Longterm
323Kactus2FeatureNewNormalExport documentation as json/yaml/xml17.10.2016 09:28 AMKactus2 - Longterm
322Kactus2FeatureNewNormalOptionally export block diagram as svg17.10.2016 09:28 AMKactus2 - Longterm
318Kactus2FeatureNewNormalSynchronization information on generated file and IP-XACT20.12.2016 08:46 AMKactus2 - Longterm
315Kactus2SupportNewLowHow to define an expression containing strings15.08.2016 08:47 AMKactus2 - Longterm
304Kactus2FeatureNewNormaltransactional port support03.08.2016 12:44 PMKactus2 - Longterm
303Kactus2FeatureNewNormalLibrary filter for valid/invalid items29.06.2016 12:06 PMKactus2 - Longterm
302Kactus2FeatureNewLow[vendorExtensions] support xsd parsing to help edition of vendorExtensions attribute11.10.2016 01:10 PMKactus2 - Longterm
287Kactus2FeatureNewNormalSW Component header files marked "File is include file"11.10.2016 01:12 PMKactus2 - Longterm
285Kactus2FeatureNewNormalSupport usage of both 0x and 'h notations for hexa decimal values 24.08.2016 05:57 PMKactus2 - Longterm
277Kactus2BugNewNormalAdd Row in Memory maps edition11.10.2016 01:22 PMKactus2 - Longterm
274Kactus2BugNewNormalInherit register properties in fields11.10.2016 01:27 PMKactus2 - Longterm
273Kactus2BugNewNormalParameters are not written to generated HDL03.09.2015 10:04 PM
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