Version 3.4.0 released

Catalog support and memory design updates
Added by Esko Pekkarinen over 5 years ago

+ Enhanced features for Memory Designer:
  • Added feature to visualize overlapping memory items
  • Added feature to open the containing component and the editor for the selected item
  • Added feature to visualize local memory maps
  • Changed the visual look of a connection through a bridge
  • Changed display name to be shown instead of element name, if defined
+ Improvements to Verilog generation:
  • Added preview for generated files
  • Added message console for reporting generation status
  • Improved port assignment and vector boundary generation logic

+ Fixed error in importing Verilog ports
+ Added editor for Catalogs
+ Component editor layout updated for most editors
+ Enabled expressions in parameter value when using a choice
+ Added isPresent-property to memory maps, address blocks, address spaces and segments
+ Improved completion help for fileset filetypes and groups
+ Enabled CSV import/export of files in a fileset
+ Added feature to hide immediate values from configurable element values
+ Enabled keyboard navigation in VLNV tree view
+ Added expand/collapse options in VLNV tree view context menu
+ Help and tooltips updated
+ Custom XML namespaces are retained in XML files

- Removed address space reference and base address from mirrored-master bus interface
- Fixed crashing when adding port maps in component
- Fixed a referencing issue with configurable element values when changing active view
- Fixed crashing when a design did not have a configuration
- Fixed crashing when closing a design in specific cases
- Fixed modifications to design connections while the document was unlocked
- Fixed CSV import/export of signal definitions in abstraction definition
- Fixed missing component editor visibility options

  • System mode bus interface coloring changed from red to purple to avoid confusion with invalid interfaces
  • Changed "frozen column" in editors to use vertical headers instead of a separate table
  • Toolbar "Check intergrity" changed to show listing of all errors within the library
    in separate window.
  • Exit screen is displayed longer