Version 3.5.0 released

The latest version features a full visual update, support for more parametrization and quality of life improvements.
Added by Esko Pekkarinen almost 5 years ago

+ Graphical user interface visual update:
  • All icons updated
  • Instruction labels added in dialogs
  • Colors centralized in KactusColors.h
+ Added feature to show the directory icons provided by OS for library paths which shows version controlled items in Windows
+ Added feature to automatically update library view when file changes on disk
+ Added feature to select the which HW design to open for an IP-XACT component with multiple designs
+ Added editor for indirect interfaces in component + Added editor for component instantiation parameters
+ Added editor for design configuration instantiation parameters
+ Added editor for design configuration instantiation configurable elements
+ Added editor for design instantiation configurable elements
+ Added feature to define prefix in port map auto-connect for better matching
+ Added editor for design parameters
+ Improved performance on drawing connections in design
+ Added delete in context menu in design view
+ Improvements in Memory Designer:
  • Added support for multiple items accessing the same memory map
  • Improved layout for items + Improvements in HTML generation:
  • Added writing register and field reset values in HTML
  • Added writing instantiations within a component in HTML

- Fixed error in XML schema location writing
- Fixed C source editor refresh
- Fixed port size parsign in PADS part generator which previously caused the plugin to crash
- TLMW generator plugin removed from build

  • Software component instance merged to component instance
  • Changed VHDL import to create component parameters and retains references in port boundaries
  • Moved VHDL generator from core to a separate plugin
  • ModelSim generator plugin moved to same framework as Verilog generator