Version 3.6.0 released

Command line interface support and Linux device tree generator plugin.
Added by Esko Pekkarinen over 4 years ago

+ Added support to run Kactus2 from command-line without GUI
+ Added editor for port type definitions
+ Added support for multiple abstraction definitions in a bus interface
+ Improvements to Memory Designer
  • Improved item scaling in non-compressed mode
  • Improved search through hierarchies
  • Improved visulization for multiple address spaces connected to one memory map
+ Added feature to save HW, System and Memory Designer view as a PNG, JPG or SVG image
+ Improved expression parsing
  • Support for exp, pow and sqrt functions
  • Better suppport for string expressions and their comparison
  • Faster parsing algorithm

+ Added Linux Device Tree Generator plugin
+ IP-XACT library handling improved for better performance and readability
+ HW and System design area size now adjusts to contents

- Restored automatic item selection in library view when component instance is selected
- Fixed addressSpaceRef-attribute parsing and writing
- Fixed export dialog from hierarchy view
- Fixed missing type information in VHDL generation
- Fixed error in entity parsing in VHDL import
- Fixed a crash when creating a new HW Design
- Fixed a crash in saving user settings for code editor
- Fixed an issue where Component file set directories were lost on refresh

  • Changed binary name to kactus2 (previously Kactus2) in Linux
  • Enabled C++11 by default in Linux compilation
  • Improved Linux installation in user-specified directory
  • Migrated to Qt 5.10.1
  • Migrated to VS2017