Version 2.8.0 released

New features enable memory map configuration using expressions, saving complete hierarchies by a different VLNV and configuring active views in hierarachy.
Added by Esko Pekkarinen about 3 years ago

+ Added feature to import parameters from include files.
+ Improved configurable element variables editor
  • Synchronizes with the enhanced model parameter definition.
  • The parameters of the top component can be used in the configurable element variables.
  • Variables are now grouped according to their location in the component.

+ Added editors for IP-XACT elements remapState and memoryRemap.
+ Added support for expressions in memory map elements.
+ Added support for parameter references in generated header files.
+ Added feature to save new versions of design configurations and designs.
+ Added support for module parameters to hierarchical views.

  • Memory map header generation from a system design does not work properly.
  • Parameters created with version 2.7.0 may not work with the latest release due to change in id formatting. The fastest way to fix this is to re-create the parameters.
  • SystemVerilog expressions are not supported by some features including generators. If expressions or references have been used, it may cause at least the following issues:
    • VHDL generator will generate wrong values.
    • Port maps will not automatically adjust to changes in port size.
  • VHDL import does not preserve references to model parameters.
  • In ports editor, creating a bus interface through ports is not possible for name column.