Version 3.0.0 released

The latest version 3.0.0 updates the tool to IP-XACT 2014 standard and provides improved validation and error reporting.
Added by Esko Pekkarinen over 6 years ago

+ Updated all IP-XACT elements to 2014 standard
+ Improved validation for many IP-XACT elements
+ Updated Verilog generation for one-to-many ad-hoc connections.
+ Added new view related editors for component editor: * Component instantiations * Design instantiations * Design configuration instantiations.
+ Updated port editor to accept ports without defined left and right bounds as ports with a width of 1.
+ Updated parameter referencing.
+ Updated expression parser.
+ Updated component editor memory map visualization.
+ In component editor, changed cut command to copy and remove selected cells of a table.
+ Updated HW design editor: * Updated component instance creation. * Updated component instance removing. * Updated component instance replacing. * Updated connection removing. * Invalid ad-hoc interfaces and ports are displayed with a red colour. * Enabled deleting of invalid ad-hoc interfaces and ports.
+ Usability fixing.

  • UI issue: paste command does not update usage count of referenced parameters.