Version 3.1.0 released

New port map editor with auto-connect and usability improvements
Added by Esko Pekkarinen over 6 years ago

+ New design for port map editor: * Added feature to auto-connect logical and physical ports * Logical and physical bounds are now easily editable
+ Added support for tieoff values in design and port maps
+ Added feature to copy memory-elements along with their sub-elements
+ Improved expression support: * Basic comparison operators are now accepted * Values true/false are now accepted
+ System group names are now visible and editable in Bus editor
+ Generated Verilog parameters are now correctly ordered for references
+ Performance improvements

  • ModelSim Generator moved from core to a separate plugin
  • XML processing instructions are now retained in IP-XACT files
  • Added option for Linux installation without admin privilidges
  • UI issue: paste command does not update usage count of referenced parameters.